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MJ Bleu Ciel Sàrl

Company Profile 公司简介

MJ Bleu Ciel Sàrl is a dynamic and multifaceted company dedicated to delivering high-quality products and human-centric services. Our core activities include:

MJ Bleu Ciel Sàrl 是一家充满活力的多元化公司,致力于提供高品质的产品和以人为本的服务。我们的核心业务包括:


Core Activities


We specialize in exporting premium Swiss products to China, including:

  • Swiss Wine: Fine wines from famous Swiss vineyards.

  • Food Products: High-quality Swiss food items.

  • Skincare Products: skincare products made in Switzerland.

We have established our own store on Xiaohong Shu, a popular Chinese social media and e-commerce platform known for sharing product reviews and shopping tips. This allows us to directly reach and engage with Chinese consumers, showcasing the best of Swiss products.


  •     瑞士葡萄酒: 来自瑞士知名葡萄园的优质葡萄酒。

  •     食品: 高品质瑞士食品。

  •     护肤品: 瑞士制造的护肤品。

我们在以分享产品评论和购物技巧而闻名的中国社交媒体和电子商务平台 "小红书 "上建立了自己的店铺。这使我们能够直接接触中国消费者,展示瑞士最好的产品。


We organize nature-oriented travels, hikes, and cultural experiences in Switzerland and Europe. Our offerings include:

  • Nature Travels: Explore the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland and Europe.

  • Hiking Adventures: Guided hikes through scenic trails

  • Cultural Experiences: Discover the rich cultural heritage and traditions of different regions.

  • If you are looking to book a hiking tour or experience, please visit




  •     自然之旅: 探索瑞士和欧洲的美丽风景。

  •     远足探险: 在导游带领下徒步穿越风景优美的小径.

  •     文化体验: 探索不同地区丰富的文化遗产和传统。


Le Flotteur Trotteur

We operate the lively and popular bar, Le Flotteur Trotteur. This bar is a social hub, offering a fun and human-centric experience for everyone. We provide:

  • A variety of wines from Valais and elsewhere

  • Paired with our handmade Chinese dim sums and traditional Valais platter

  • Regular events


Le Flotteur Trotteur 酒吧深受欢迎。该酒吧是一个社交中心,为每个人提供以人为本的快乐体验。我们提供

  •  来自瓦莱州和其他地区的各种葡萄酒

  •  搭配我们手工制作的中式点心和瓦莱州传统拼盘

  •  定期活动

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